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Loan of €780,000 *
(equivalent in local currency)

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since 2016
(7 loans granted)

*Outstanding amount at grant value
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Cambodia’s economy has been growing rapidly since the mid-1990s. The weight of the primary sector in the economy remains significant despite the increase in the tertiary sector following the advent of tourism. Fishing and agriculture alone employ 70% of the population.

The Institution:

LOLC is a Tier 1 microfinance institution created in 1994 by Catholic Relief Services. The institution offers its clients loans for companies and agribusinesses, under the collective and individual lending methodology.


LOLC Cambodia is a business-oriented MFI with a social vision that provides economic opportunities to entrepreneurs and families at the base of the socio-economic pyramid so that they can improve their quality of life and their community thanks to efficient and sustainable financial services.


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