14 December 2023

During SAM 2023, in Lomé, Togo, we were able to meet different partners.

Strong partnerships are built on mutual trust, successful collaboration and shared experiences. With this in mind, we are excited to share the inspiring voices and stories of our partners. Discover these captivating stories that celebrate years of shared journey

Discover that of Kaba Moise Senghor, Managing Director of VisionFund Senegal, microfinance institution located in Senegal

VisionFund Senegal is a microfinance institution founded by World Vision International and whose mission is to facilitate access to local financial services for rural and vulnerable populations, the opportunity to initiate or develop income-generating activities and, in general, the possibility of improving their living conditions. @VisionFund Senegal mainly targets women micro-entrepreneurs, according to the group loan methodology.

VisionFund Senegal has 58,895 beneficiaries, 98% women and 74% rural, in September 2023.


Mariama Yvette Moudraogo, Vice President of the management board of GRAINE, a microfinance institution located in Burkina Faso.

GRAINE SARL is a microfinance institution created in 2006 and initiated by Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Its mission is to help improve the economic and social conditions of the poor people of Burkina Faso, mainly women who live in rural areas, by offering them adapted financial services.

GRAINE SARL is 100,549 beneficiaries in October 2023 of which 62.3% are women and 60% in rural areas.



Aloïse Aly Ndiaye, Deputy CEO of CAURIE MicroFinance, a microfinance institution located in Senegal and one of the Foundation’s oldest partners, since 2009.

Caurie contributes sustainably to the economic and social promotion of vulnerable micro-entrepreneurs, mainly women, by offering them appropriate financial products and services.

CAURIE has 72,502 beneficiaries, 83% women and 62% rural, in September 2023.


Razack Dimon Challa, Head of Activity Coordination at RENACA, an institution located in Benin

RENACA aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial economic activity of vulnerable rural and urban populations by offering them financial and non-financial services. The institution encourages its members to save, these deposits being used to feed a common fund, which provides a basis for granting credits to small producers.

RENACA has 55,423 beneficiaries, 60% of whom are women and 40% from rural areas.


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