The Foundation coordinates support programmes and technical assistance missions aimed at strengthening the operational functioning of the partners it finances.

missions carried out or launched in 2019
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Calls for tenders

Please find hereafter the calls for tender published within the framework of the African Facility. For more information, click on the title of the mission.

In progress
InstitutionOpening dateClosure dateCountryMissionNature of the offerLanguage
ACFIME13/01/202103/02/2021Burkina FasoElaboration du plan d’affairesOpenFrench
ACFB11/12/202012/12/2020BeninMise à jour des manuels de gestion opérationnelle et de gestion des risquesRestrictedFrench
Vision Fund Rwanda09/12/202006/01/2021RwandaTailor-made training on Management and Supervision for Branch Managers and Team LeadersOpenEnglish
PMBF17/11/202008/12/2020Burkina FasoFormation sur l’analyse pré-financement, le suivi post-financement, la gestion des défauts et la supervision du portefeuilleOpenFrench
COMUBA12/11/202026/11/2020BeninPerfectionnement des procédures et des outils de gestion des ressources humainesRestrictedFrench
ACFB15/10/202005/11/2020BeninRéalisation d’une étude pour l’interconnexion du système d’information et de gestion (SIG)OpenFrench
Vision Fund Rwanda17/09/202008/10/2020RwandaSalary SurveyOpenEnglish
ID Ghana07/09/202028/09/2020GhanaMIS MigrationOpenEnglish
MLF Malawi21/08/202011/09/2020MalawiBusiness Continuity PlanOpenEnglish
COMUBA20/08/202010/09/2020BeninRenforcement des capacités des membres des organes de gouvernanceOpenFrench
RMCR07/08/202028/08/2020MaliRedéploiement stratégique des activitésOpenFrench
RMCR07/08/202028/08/2020MaliRenforcement des compétences des agents opérationnels et de la supervisionOpenFrench
COOPEC SIFA28/07/202011/08/2020TogoRenforcement des capacités des membres du Conseil d’AdministrationRestrictedFrench
MEC FADEC16/07/202006/08/2020SénégalRéalisation d'une étude sur la finance digitaleOpenFrench
PMBF15/07/202005/08/2020Burkina FasoNumérisation du processus de créditOpenFrench
ACFB11/05/202025/05/2020BeninGestion de la liquiditéRestrictedFrench
MEC FADEC11/05/202025/05/2020SenegalGestion de la liquiditéRestrictedFrench
Assilassimé18/06/202009/07/2020TogoDigitalisation et interconnexion des agencesOpenFrench
ID Ghana20/05/202010/06/2020GhanaMIS Migration OpenEnglish
Multiple14/05/202025/05/2020Webinars on liquidity management for 50 MFIs in Africa OpenEnglish
Multiple14/05/202025/05/2020Webinaires sur la gestion du risque de liquidité pour 50 IMF en Afrique OpenFrench
Eclof Kenya28/02/202013/03/2020KenyaCustomer relationship management trainingOpenEnglish
Kafo Jiginew20/02/202009/03/2020MaliPlan de Continuité des ActivitésOpenFrench
VERT S.A.17/01/202031/01/2020KenyaManagement Capacity EnhancementOpenEnglish
Vision Fund Rwanda23/12/201913/01/2020RwandaSalary SurveyOpenEnglish
Coopec Sifa01/02/201915/02/2019TogoElaboration of a business planRestrictedFrench
Coopec Sifa03/04/201917/04/2019TogoEtude sur l'interconnexion du SIGOpenFrench
GRAINE24/10/201608/11/2016Burkina FasoGestion financière et collecte de l'épargneOpenFrench
MEC FADEC04/12/201521/12/2015SénégalElaboration plan d'affaires 2016-2020RestrictedFrench
Eclof Kenya11/04/201926/04/2019KenyaRisk and Debt management TrainingOpenEnglish
ECLOF Kenya15/04/201929/04/2019KenyaSME and individual loan training OpenEnglish
URC Nazinon14/05/201928/05/2019Burkina FasoAmélioration du système d’information OpenFrench
PMBF15/05/201929/05/2019Burkina FasoRéalisation d’une cartographie des risquesOpenFrench
MLF23/05/201914/06/2019Zambie & MalawiBranch manager training manual OpenEnglish
ID Ghana06/06/201927/06/2019GhanaAudit committee and Risk managementOpenEnglish
ECLOF KENYA26/06/201910/07/2019KenyaChange management trainingOpenEnglish
URC Nazinon16/07/201923/07/2019Burkina FasoAmélioration du système d’informationOpenFrench
ENCOT22/07/201902/08/2019OugandaStrategic plan 2020-2022OpenEnglish
RMCR23/07/201907/08/2019MaliMise à jour d’une cartographie des risques OpenFrench
COMUBA09/08/201903/09/2019BéninEtude de satisfaction de la clientèleOpenFrench
RENACA09/08/201903/09/2019BéninMise à jour des manuels de politiques et procéduresOpenFrench
ASSILASSIME30/07/201906/09/2019TogoRéalisation d’une cartographie des risquesOpenFrench
COMUBA09/08/201910/09/2019BéninInterconnexion des agencesOpenFrench
BIMAS05/09/201919/09/2019KenyaBranch Manager Risk trainingOpenEnglish
ASSILASSIME08/10/201928/10/2019TogoEtude transformation institutionnelleOpenFrench
ID GHANA14/10/201928/10/2019GhanaEnvironmental StrategyOpenEnglish
ACFB28/10/201913/11/2019BéninEtude de satisfaction de la clientèleOpenFrench
ACFB28/10/201913/11/2019BéninPlan d’affairesOpenFrench
MLF Zambia21/11/201906/12/2019ZambieRisk mappingOpenEnglish
AMZ04/08/201711/08/2017ZambiaRisk Management Framework and TrainingOpenEnglish
GRAINE02/03/201815/03/2018Burkina FasoAccompagnement à la mise en place de produits d'épargne intégrant des solutions de finance digitaleRestrictedFrench
ACFIME28/03/201811/04/2018Burkina FasoMission assistance technique réalisation d’une cartographie des risquesRestrictedFrench
MEC FADEC17/09/201828/09/2018SénégalMission assistance technique renforcement du dispositif de gestion du risquesOpenFrench
RMCR17/09/201828/09/2018MaliMission assistance technique renforcement des compétences du departement Administratif et FinancierOpenFrench
GRAINE14/09/201828/09/2018Burkina FasoMission assistance technique accompagnement à la finalisation des outils de gestion des ressources humaines et au renforcement des compétences managériales de la directrice généraleRestrictedFrench
URC Nazinon10/12/201814/12/2018Burkina FasoMission d'assistance technique - Renforcement de la gouvernanceRestrictedFrench
GRAINE20/12/201807/01/2019Burkina FasoMission d'assistance technique - Mise en oeuvre du projet d'installation d'un nouveau SIGOpenFrench
GRAINE24/10/201608/11/2016Burkina FasoGestion financière et collecte de l'épargneOpenFrench
GRAINE24/10/201608/11/2016Burkina FasoAmélioration méthodologie et offre produitsOpenFrench
BIMAS04/10/201618/10/2016KenyaCredit process assessment, redesign and trainingRestrictedFrench
MEC FADEC04/12/201521/12/2015SénégalElaboration plan d'affaires 2016-2020RestrictedFrench
Tujijenge04/12/201518/12/2015TanzaniaDevelopment of loan officers training materials and training of trainers for branch managers and supervisorsRestrictedEnglish
ASIENA / GRAINE14/10/201528/10/2015Burkina FasoAppui à la bonne finalisation des projets de migration et d'installation d'un nouveau système d'information et de gestionRestrictedFrench
Juhudi Kilimo14/08/201528/08/2015KenyaMiddle Management TrainingOpenFrench
COMUBA / RENACA / ACFIME10/08/201524/08/2015Bénin / Bénin / Burkina FasoAppui à l'amélioration de l'offre de produits et la gestion des prêts individuelsOpenFrench
COOPEC SIFA15/07/201531/07/2015TogoAppui à la gestion de l'offre et au renforcement du positionnement concurrentiel sur le marchéOpenFrench
ECLOF14/04/201528/04/2015UgandaMapping of risks to credit analysis for each loan product and update of appraisal toolOpenEnglish
MEC FADEC07/04/201520/04/2015SénégalAmélioration des capacités des ressources humainesRestrictedFrench
RENACA07/04/201520/04/2015BéninAmélioration du processus de gestion des liquidités et optimisation des actifsOpenFrench
RMCR01/04/201503/04/2015MaliRenforcement des capacités d'analyse financière - Département financeOpenFrench
Juhudi Kilimo26/03/201509/04/2015KenyaIT policy documentation and risk management frameworkRestrictedEnglish
BIMAS17/03/2015KenyaStaff and business management training for branch ManagerRestrictedEnglish
BIMAS04/03/201517/03/2015KenyaBasic Finance and IT training for Board of DirectorsRestrictedEnglish
ASIENA / GRAINE / ACFIME02/03/201516/03/2015Burkina FasoDiagnostic RH et élaboration plan formation des IMF partenaires de la Facilité AfricaineOpenFrench
BIMAS / UMF / ENCOT / Tujijenge06/02/201518/02/2015Kenya / Uganda / TanzaniaAccompanied SAMRT Self-AssessmentRestrictedEnglish
COOPEC SIFA16/01/201531/01/2015TogoMise à jour du plan d'affaires 2014-2018OpenFrench
MEC FADEC04/12/201412/01/2015SénégalAppui au service comptabilité financeOpenFrench
UMF15/12/201409/01/2015UgandaBusiness plan revisionRestrictedEnglish
ENCOT15/12/201409/01/2015UgandaReview of operations manual and risk & delinquency management trainingRestrictedEnglish
RENACA14/11/201426/11/2014BéninElaboration processus de gestion de la performance du personnelOpenFrench
RMCR14/10/201431/10/2014MaliRenforcement des capacités de mobilisation de financementOpenFrench
COOPEC SIFA22/09/201408/10/2014TogoRenforcement du contrôle interneRestrictedFrench
ASIENA31/12/201415/01/2015Burkina FasoRenforcement dispositif contrôle interneOpenFrench
ASIENA09/09/201422/09/2014Burkina FasoTransformation institutionnelleOpenFrench
Juhudi Kilimo28/08/201411/09/2014KenyaMission Portfolio AuditRestrictedEnglish

African facility with the French Development Agency

Programme set up in 2013 by the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD), to support a greater number of rural microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Sub-Saharan Africa.

New type of volunteer missions abroad offered to Crédit Agricole Group employees on behalf of microfinance institutions or impact businesses, partners of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation.

Solidarity bankers

Financial inclusion of refugees with UNHCR and Swedish cooperation

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) have joined forces to develop a programme that promotes access to credit for refugees and host communities.

 After having granted in 2019 to the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation a loan equivalent to 12 million euros in CFA francs in order to support microfinance in West Africa, the European investment bank allocated, on behalf of the Government of Luxembourg , a grant of € 332,000 to provide technical support to five microfinance institutions supported by the Foundation.

Technical assistance programme in West Africa

SSNUP - Strengthening smallholder households

Programme coordinated by ADA, together with 5 impact investors oriented towards social and ecological sustainability among which Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, to improve the resilience of smallholder households in developing countries.