Social impact investments
Microfinance fund

The Foundation is an advisor to investment funds, thus enabling investors to engage in the development of microfinance or, more generally, of inclusive finance. The Foundation currently advises a microfinance fund exclusively open to the Regional Banks and entities of the Crédit Agricole group.

The Foundation has invested in several social impact enterprises. In addition to providing capital and / or debt, the Foundation is involved in the governance of these companies and endeavors to support projects and leaders as well as to bring about contexts favorable to the development of activities.

Social Impact Enterprises

FIR Fund

Launched in 2018 by the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, CA Indosuez Wealth (Asset Management) and CACEIS Bank Luxembourg Branch, the Fund for Inclusive Finance in Rural Areas (FIR) is the first microfinance fund of the Crédit Agricole group. This fund offers regional banks and Crédit Agricole group entities the opportunity to invest in the financing of rural microfinance institutions in emerging countries.