28 July 2023

The signing of a partnership agreement with the ACEP Group opens up a new integrated consulting approach for the Foundation: supporting the digital transformation of the ACEP Group in Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso and Madagascar.

On June 6 2023, all representatives of ACEP’s subsidiaries met with the Foundation team for their first face-to-face steering meeting. It was an opportunity to take stock and discuss the implementation of this unprecedented partnership.

In 2022, the Foundation, a partner of 3 ACEP Group subsidiaries since 2016, has been asked by ACEP Conseil to support their digital transformation plan. A 10.6 million euro program, of which 6.3 million are co-financed by their subsidiaries and 4.2 million, the research for which is entrusted to the Foundation. In concrete terms, the Foundation’s role is to support the Group in its fund-raising efforts, and to coordinate the funds raised, in order to facilitate the implementation of the subsidiaries’ digital transformation project.

A novel approach

ACEP is accustomed to relying on its own strengths, and this is the first time it has turned to a third-party structure to support it in its search for technical assistance funding. It’s also a new partnership for the Foundation. Until now, the Foundation’s technical assistance team sought grants and signed contracts with donors such as Proparco, the EIB, SIDA… and then passed on the benefits to its partners, on themes corresponding either to the donors’ or the partners’ expectations. This new, more advisory approach to its partners is in line with the desired evolution of its technical assistance activities.


A synergt agreement
Each partner can learn from the other. ACEP, in charge of setting up the project, requires experience in fund-raising and the management of funds raised by the Foundation. The Foundation, for its part, will contribute to a large-scale digital transformation program.

Founded in 1999, Agence de Crédit pour l’Entreprise Privé is a private operator specializing in the creation of urban MFIs.
A partner of the Foundation since 2016 in 3 countries (Niger, Cameroon, Burkina Faso,), its mission is to support small informal entrepreneurs with credit needs.

ACEP in figures: 30 years of experience / 160,000 entrepreneurial customers, 40% of whom are women borrowers / 124M in outstanding loans

Testimonial from Thierry Perreau, head of ACEP Conseil

Yann AKINDELE, CEO of ACEP Cameroun, explains why ACEP Cameroun is committed to local digital transformation for its customers:

A lasting partnership

The Foundation has been supporting three ACEP Group subsidiaries since 2016 with debt and technical assistance. A total of 8 loans have been granted in local currency equivalent to a total of €12.5 million. 15 technical assistance missions have been carried out on the following themes: social performance management, digitization of operations and products, introduction to customer centricity, internal audit and risk management, financial management.