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Index insurance is mainly based on the use of rain stations to trigger compensation for farmers. To cope with the context of the Sahelian zones, the indices are built on satellite data. The principle of index insurance is clear: the system offers a “modeling of the variation in yield as a function of the water available in the soil during the growth of the plant”. On this basis, thresholds for triggering compensation are set.

The Institution:

Created in 2014 at the initiative of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, ACRE-AFRICA operates in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. ACRE-AFRICA makes agricultural insurance accessible for small farms and for very low insured amounts, thanks to a triple innovation: index insurance; distribution by aggregators; payment by mobile money. ACRE thus allows small farms to access credit on more favorable terms.


Agricultural index microinsurance is a particularly effective tool for agricultural intensification, strengthening food security and adaptation to climate change. “I hadn’t heard of corn insurance before and I know of insurance companies that refused to pay benefits; so I was split about the product, but still signed up because there was a promise of compensation. When they did pay, I was the only one in my village who had guaranteed seeds and I shared part of the compensation with my neighbors to convince them to participate in the program the following season”. (Jane G. Simon,
corn producer in Kenya)


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