19 February 2024

In the face of the digital boom in emerging countries and climate change directly impacting microfinance clients, the Foundation publishes its 2025 strategic plan, which anchors its ambitions around three priority action verbs to accelerate its action: Strengthen, Innovate and Cooperate.

The roadmap is clear: Combining financial inclusion and promoting an economy three zeros: zero carbon, zero exclusion, zero poverty.

The positioning is unique: Promote entrepreneurship for the most vulnerable, especially women in rural areas, in territories less prepared for climate change, through microfinance and impact companies.

Ambitions 2025: Strengthen the support of partners and the impact of our actions, innovate to enable rural agriculture to succeed in their climate adaptation and better support the most vulnerable, women, youth and refugees, cooperate to amplify our action.

The Foundation’s team and governance are mobilized. The achievement of these Ambitions 2025 is based on operational excellence in our modes of operation and in our organization: Aiming for operational excellence and constant efficiency in our modes of operation and organization: with the presence of strong governance and revised investment processes, more effective. Acquire strong expertise in the fields of agriculture and food, in the face of climate change: with the training of employees in new skills.