Launched in 2018 by the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, Crédit Agricole S A and Crédit Agricole Centre Est, Solidarity Cents aims to finance entrepreneurship projects by mobilising Crédit Agricole employees who are invited to donate 50 cents when paying for their meals in collective restaurants.

2018 Edition
The first edition took place in Crédit Agricole Campuses in Montrouge and Saint Quentin The beneficiary organization was Entrepreneurs du Monde to finance the ICI programme (Creation, Inclusion) which supports entrepreneurship projects for refugees, single parents and homeless people in Lyon 7000 were donated to Entrepreneurs du Monde.
2019 Edition
In 2019 the campaign took place in parallel at the Crédit Agricole Campuses in Montrouge, Saint Quentin and Lyon in November Thanks to the generosity of CA employees and the contributions of Crédit Agricole S A the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation and CA Centre Est, 8 657 were donated again to Entrepreneurs du Monde to finance the ICI programme (Creation, Inclusion).