The African Facility is a project developed in 2013 by the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, in partnership with the French Development Agency ( to support rural microfinance institution in Western and Eastern Africa This scheme allows the Foundation to provide tailored funding with specific criteria and procedures, especially in terms of portfolio size, risk, level of debt and operational self sufficiency.

Phase I 2013 - 2016
The first phase of the programme strengthened 16 microfinance institutions in Africa and helped them to achieve operational self-sufficiency and financial sustainability. 8,227,340 were granted and more than 98 technical assistance missions were carried out.
Phase II 2017 - 2020
The second phase will support more than 20 microfinance institutions. The programme has three components: a EUR 6 million loan to develop the Facility's credit activity, a EUR 2.2 million grant for technical assistance and a guarantee to cover 50% of the loans granted.