3 June 2024

In the “Ambitions 2025” strategic plan, the inclusion of women is a strategic priority. The Foundation reaffirms its social mission to contribute to the prevention of poverty and inequality through financial inclusion, particularly for women in rural areas in some of the world’s most fragile countries. Most often excluded from the banking system, rural women nevertheless represent an economic force for the local economy as a whole, and for their community’s stakeholders.

This focus on women came to fruition in March 2024, with the Foundation’s qualification for the 2x Challenge, officially committing itself, on the basis of 3 criteria, to the economic empowerment of women, a central mission at the heart of its action:

Governance: The GCA Foundation’s Executive Committee is 40% women (2/5) and the Board of Directors is 33% women (4/12).

Employment: 55% of the Foundation’s 20 direct employees are women. They also have policies and procedures in place to promote gender equality, including a childcare contribution policy and a transparent salary scale that is accessible and distributed to all employees.

Portfolio: 71% of the Foundation’s investments meet at least 1 of the 2X Challenge criteria.

This international initiative aims to promote gender equality, women’s entrepreneurship and support the reduction of inequalities through financial inclusion.

The 2X Challenge, launched in 2018 has rallied several international financial institutions, which have strengthened their commitment to investing in gender equality to promote women’s access to quality jobs, as well as financing opportunities.