15 July 2022

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation is happy to announce that the GEF project ” Indicators and Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity conservation finance for Smallholders and Rural communities: leveraging private and public finance: //www.thegef.org/projects-operations/projects/11001” has been just approved.

The project aims to foster and scale up climate change adaptation for the most vulnerable ones, thanks to provision of trainings, technology and adapted financing. To support the generation of long lasting and scalable transformation, part of the project will be implemented by the Foundation and in partnership with the JuST Institute (in the project document the “CBIFI”), the non-for profit, members based, entity aiming to catalyse market development towards Inclusive, Biodiversity, Climate Change Positive Finance.

The Foundation is proud to partner with IFAD for the project implementation. It sees this project as an opportunity to foster its strategy on climate change adaptation, green finance and agriculture finance, with specific focus in smallholder farmers.

Further information on the GEF here.