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since 2020
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The agricultural sector is still structuring in Myanmar (28% of the GDP and 70% of the active population) but the share of the service sector tends to increase. The rural population rose to 69.42% in 2018.

The institution:

Thitsar Ooyin is a microfinance institution that provides services to help poor rural populations increase their income by offering loans tailored to their situation. These loans finance the development of informal activities (mainly livestock, agriculture and trade) based on the solidarity of the villagers through group loans, as well as the development of microenterprises through individual loans.


In order to strengthen its social mission and improve its management, Thitsar Ooyin is committed to developing a social performance management strategy, which it does through Cerise, to train and support teams as well as the board of directors to develop the social strategy of Thitsar Ooyin and a multi-year action plan. The institution is notably committed to continuing to monitor the poverty rate of its clients using the Poverty Probability Index (PPI).