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Due to the weakness and inadequacy of its institutions, Kosovo has been very familiar with political crisis since its independence in 2008, which hinders the implementation of any reforms likely to address the country’s significant social and economic challenges (ethnic divisions, unemployment, brain drain, dependence on remittances and international aid, lack of production capacity…).

The company:

KosInvest is a level 3 microfinance institution created in 2001 by Vision Fund International. It is registered as an NGO and supervised by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBRK). Its mission is “To provide financial inclusion to communities living in the Republic of Kosovo and improve their standard of living, through a wide range of products and services.


KosInvest grants loans according to individual methodology. By June 2022, the institution was serving 2,461 active borrowers (34% women and 55% in rural areas) and managing a portfolio of 3.7 million euros. It operates nationwide through a network of 8 branches and 54 employees.

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