An unprecedented partnership for the Foundation with a new approach of integrated consulting with partners, which corresponds to the desired evolution of technical assistance activities.


In 2022, the Foundation, a partner of 3 ACEP Group subsidiaries since 2016, has been asked by ACEP Conseil to support their digital transformation plan. A 10.6 million euro program, of which 6.3 million are co-financed by their subsidiaries and 4.3 million whose research is entrusted to the Foundation.

ACEP is accustomed to relying on its own strengths, and is using for the first time a third-party structure to support it in seeking its technical assistance funding.


Commun objective

Each partner will be able to learn from the other. ACEP, at the manoeuvre for the implementation of the project, requires the experience of the management of the funds raised by the Foundation. The Foundation, meanwhile, will contribute to a major digital transformation program..