Financial services

Financing granted

loan of €581,000 *
(equivalent in local currency)

Foundation partner

since 2017
(2 loans granted)

*Outstanding amount at grant value


Kazakhstan’s economy is dependent on oil and is strongly linked to the Russian economy. Livestock breeding is one of the major sectors, as Kazakhstan has a large cattle and sheep population.

The Institution:

Microfinance Organization ‘Bereke’, LLC is a microfinance institution that provides microcredit in rural areas. It has grown out of a UNDP microcredit project aimed mainly at women, and enjoys a strong and competitive position in the microfinance market in Eastern Kazakhstan.


Bereke’s mission is to help improve people’s standard of living by providing loans to small and micro enterprises as well as agricultural, consumer and housing loans to low-income urban and rural populations. Bereke provides both individual and group loans.


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