République Démocratique du Congo

Financial services

Financing granted

Loan of €540,000 *
(equivalent in local currency)

Foundation partner

since 2014

*Outstanding amount at grant value


In 2015, agriculture accounted for 20.6% of GDP and employed a large percentage of the workforce. Despite a subsoil rich in mineral and natural resources, the DRC is marked by weak economic development and persistent poverty.

The institution:

An institution specialising in microfinance, PAIDEK was launched in 1993 as a programme aimed at organising microcredit activities. Geographically concentrated in North and South Kivu, PAIDEK operates in both urban and rural areas.


Through microfinance, PAIDEK contributes to the revitalisation of the local economy, the reduction of poverty and the establishment of an economic fabric, which should constitute a solid base for the development of the country.