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Capital investment of €480,000

Foundation partner

since 2013

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The Sénégalaise des Filières Alimentaires (SFA) develops an inclusive value chain from the production and marketing of rice and encourages rice production by smallholders in the Senegal River Valley as part of a long-term partnership duration. The SFA thus contributes to the autonomy objective of Senegal which still imports 75% of the rice consumed today.

The company:

Created in 2013, the SFA produces white rice from paddy cultivated by small producers in the Senegal River Valley. The company thus controls the entire value chain. It allows producers to benefit from a stable price and access to suitable financing by playing a pilot role in securing the income of producers through a model of contract farming and the development of an inclusive rice sector.


The SFA settled in the river valley to develop the local rice value chain and thus meet the national challenges of food self-sufficiency. The SFA thus participates in the promotion of local production, drawing on the country’s resources and skills. “SFA has played a big role in helping us get out of the rut by providing us with credits to grow larger areas. SFA provides us with the inputs on time and supports us. I have teamed up with my brothers to cultivate a larger field and I share the benefits with my family”. (Cheikh, producer)


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