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Loan of €580,000 *
(equivalent in local currency)

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since 2019

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In Moldova, the population is still relatively rural, with 54% of the population living in urban areas and 22% in the capital. Agriculture employs around 26.4% of the working age population and generates 14.6% of the GDP (36% if the entire agro-food sector is included).

The institution:

Smart Credit is a tier 3 microfinance institution created in 2010 by five local professionals. SMART CREDIT’s vision is to help customers improve their living conditions, in particular socially disadvantaged small entrepreneurs.


Smart Credit offers loans according to the individual methodology. The institution serves 2,876 active borrowers (54% of women and 71% of borrowers in rural areas) and manages a portfolio of € 3.5 million. It operates in central and western Moldova through a network of 6 branches and 34 employees.


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