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since 2022

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Context :

The informal sector continues to represent a significant share of GDP. Senegal is among the least developed countries (LDCs) according to the UN, with 50% of its population living below the poverty line. Unemployment affects a large part of the population, especially young people.

The institution :

Vision Fund Senegal is a microfinance institution established by World Vision International and whose mission is to facilitate rural and vulnerable populations access to a conventional financial system, to local financial services, the opportunity to launch or develop income-generating activities and, in general, the possibility of improving their living conditions. Vision Fund Senegal primarily targets women microentrepreneurs, using the group lending methodology.

Impact :

VisionFund Senegal allows empowering families to create income and jobs, and unlocking economic potential for communities to thrive. The products and services offered fall into five broad categories: microloans, savings programmes, microinsurance, training and education. Benefits include sustainable livelihoods, increased economic well-being, improved community well-being, decreased dependence on outside aid and restoration of hope and dignity.