Crédit Agricole employees
Annual events
Lettre bimensuelle

The Foundation’s Friends Club is a space open exclusively to employees of the Crédit Agricole Group who are interested in the Foundation’s activities and mission. It is a circle for sharing information and debate, which also provides access to events and meetings with partners of the Foundation.

The meetings
Every six months, the Foundation organises a meeting with the Friends of the Foundation to preview projects and discuss cooperation between the Foundation and the Crédit Agricole Group.
Solidarity Bankers
The Solidarity bankers missions are a new type of volunteer work abroad offered to group employees on behalf of microfinance institutions or impact companies that are partners of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation.

Friends Newsletter

We are please to shar with you the #20 issue of the Board Mambers and Foundation's Friends Newsletter in which yu will find how, after an exceptional year 2020 due to the economic and health crisis generated by the Covid-19, the resumption of activities in the microfinance sector is strengthening, even if a return to normal is not yet on the agenda.